Wheat Chakki Atta Plant

Cleaning of the wheat is carried out in three stages

  • Pre- Cleaning
  • First Cleaning
  • Second Cleaning


Pre- Cleaning

  • Rough Cleaning
  • Removes coarse impurities, sand, dust & iron particles


First Cleaning of Wheat

  • Remove damaged wheat, seeds and other extraneous matter by
    process of separation.
  • Actually cleaning and removing any dust from the wheat itself by
    means of washing scouring, brushing and aspiration.
  • In addition to being cleaned, the wheat also must prepare so that
    it is in its best condition for milling.

Second Cleaning

  • The second cleaning starts from the outlets of tempering bin to
    the first beak rolls and its aim is to remove the loose bran particles
    and dirt from the wheat kernel and to prepare the bran layer.


  • To tough the bran skin. This reduces the formation of bran power,
    giving clear break flours and better flour color all through the mill.
  • To mellow the endosperm. This reduces the power consumption
    for reduction roll.