We take our manufacturing process quite seriously. We believe that Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skillful execution. Hence right from procurement till packaging we make sure that every step is done in the right way so that you get the best of the best spices. This is how we do it:


Indian farms grow spices with the richest aroma and taste. For us, the quality control exercise begins at the farms (at the producing centers) where our teams of experts select the best new crop.


Drying is a significant step in the process of producing fine quality spices. The results of the subsequent steps in production depend largely on the perfection achieved during the drying of spices. Improper drying can lead to loss of aroma and flavor. We take utmost care to ensure proper drying. The material is dried under the natural sunlight. However, the material is roasted whenever necessary to ensure specified moisture content.


Purity is the most desired quality in any food product. We apply the scientific methods to remove all organic and inorganic impurities. These methods ensure 100% pure whole spices for further processes.


The right grinding procedure decides the color and flavor of spices. The conventional grinding process destroys the volatile oils that are most essential in spices to maintain their flavor as well as taste and fades away the natural color due to excessive heat generation. We have a unique multi-stage grinding process with a controlled temperature system. This process retains the natural flavor, taste and color of spices.

Quality Control:

A modern and fully equipped government approved laboratory at our production facility keeps dual control on the quality of our spices. The tests complement the physical checks and together guarantee top quality spices for our consumers.

Major Chemical Analysis for Whole Spices – Foreign edible seeds, dust, stones, lumps of earth, chaff, stalk, stem or straw, leafy matter and insect damaged seeds, moisture content etc.

Major Chemical Analysis for Ground Spices – Total ash, ash insoluble in acid (HCI), moisture content, non-volatile ether extract, volatile oil, crude fiber, lead, starch, added coloring matter, water soluble extract, cold water soluble extract, Calcium, alcohol soluble extract.

Major Microbiological Analysis for Ground Spices – Total bacterial count, total yeast & mould count, E. Coli, Salmonella, Aflatoxin.

Major Sanitary Prescription Concerning Pesticides  – Aldrine + Dieldrin, DDT + DDE + DDD, HCI (Alpha + Beta + Delta), Endrine, Chlordane, Hexachlorobenzene (HCB) Heptachlorine + Heptachloro-epoxide.


Kusum Spices are packaged in the moisture proof convenient packs under fully automated packing systems. We offer a choice of cartons, polyester pouches, LDPE bags, PET bottles and tins for consumer packs and Gunny bags, HDPE bags, Jute bags, Paper bags for bulk packs. Every pack is designed for longer shelf life and retention of freshness, aroma and flavor.